Monday, February 22, 2010

LitWorld visits Red Rose Again!

It happened to be a fantastic week since we were blessed to have some visitors from the LitWorld Organization. The organization's Director Pam Allyn, along with her LitWorld team consisting of her husband Jim, Annie, a kindergarten teacher, Jonathan, a teacher and co-founder of a literacy building NGO in Ghana. Our visitors attended different classes where they shared their knowledge of reading and writing learning skills with our children. For example. Teacher Annie attended the baby class and practiced reading skills with them through the power of pictures. Even the youngest class at Red Rose was able to improve their reading skills by forming ideas and stories through story books full of captivating images and Teacher Annie's enthusiastic reading aloud.
Jonathan taught classes one through six skills they could use to begin writing their own books. He stressed that anyone can write a book, and becoming an author is a very empowering feeling for a young student and certainly improves their reading and writing skills. Our students gained the confidence and skills to put their original thoughts into book form and were even able to produce books using "Reale" online book making technology. In the afternoon hours, the LitWorld team held seminars for Red Rose teachers. Teacher Pam and Teacher Annie shared their teaching knowledge and experience to give us some new and innovative ideas on how to teach our students to read. Teachers began by asking any questions they had about teaching reading, and the seminar proved to be very helpful. In addition to all of the fun and informative activities above, the kind people from LitWorld generously provided every student and staff member with a lovely LitWorld T-shirt. We were all very thankful.
On the final day of the LitWorld workshop, we celebrated with a party to say our goodbyes. Our visitors were entertained by the presentation of songs and poems that the children sang and recited for them. Later on, our visitors were showered with presents as a thank you for the wonderful job they did at Red Rose. Us teachers were so thankful to our visitors and will continue to use the new teaching techniques, games, books, and skills that we learned.

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