Monday, February 8, 2010


A cold drop of water on a thirsty, hungry throat is how I can describe this new school. It wouldn’t have come at a better time than this! Children of Kibera Foundation (CoKF) have just made it happen! They have just made sure that these children, most of who are orphaned, don’t end up homeless and on the street because to many, Red-rose is home away from home. It came as a surprise to these students but they took it calmly. Most of them couldn’t hide their joy. It is their dream opportunity, their newly founded middle school!
This is a big impact to these vulnerable children. The smiles and grins on their faces couldn’t pass without notice. As their teacher, I couldn’t hesitate to ask a few of them to share their experience with me and here are some of the answers I get.
‘My name is Quinter Atieno. I am in sixth grade. Our new school is located at a quiet and peaceful environment different from the previous school which was full of squeaks and screams of the little ones of the pre-school.’
Another sixth grader with similar opinions is Brian and he has this to say. ‘My name is Brian. This school is nice!’ he says jovially. I ask Brian to expound on what he means by nice and he continues; ‘Now more than ever, I feel as playful as a kitten. The playground here is bigger and green. While playing, I don’t have to worry about stepping on or hitting the babies in pre-school and spend a lot of time trying to apologize.’ The same sentiments are made by Quinter. ‘I was worried about more classrooms being constructed at this already squeezed place.’ Brian says.
They both think that their new classes are spacious with concrete walls for easier hanging and sticking of learning materials and other aids. It is evident that this new school is an unveiling story. It is a whole new experience!!

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Sarah said...

Awesome! Enjoy your new teaching environment Rose! Keep up the good work!