Monday, February 11, 2013

A Big “THANK YOU” from Diana.

My journey with Children of Kibera Foundation started eight years ago. This amazing organization started to support me in school since I was in nursery school. I am very grateful for their help since I was able to get good education.

I am also thankful because, when I was at Red Rose School I was a member of the LitWorld Girls Club. There, we learnt many things that are very good and I am sure will help me in my life. I got to learn the values of courage, hard work, sisterhood. We were also taught  how to bake, how to knit and went for very many trips.

 As I go into high school I feel that my interactions with Children of Kibera Foundation and the activities there have made me a better person: very confident and ready to start my high school life. CoKF has promised to see me through my through my first year of high school education with support from my father. 

 I would like to work hard and become a journalist so that I can tell the Kibera story to the world so that many more Children like me can get the help they need to make it in life.

Thank you very much.

Diana- 2005

Diana -2007

Diana -2012

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