Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Visit from Norway

Mwanaisha has now been at the RedRose School for a couple of weeks. She is a pedagogic student at the Østfold university college in Halden. Østfold University College is a further and higher education institution in south-eastern Norway. Mwanaisha is young, vibrant and loves children! She has blended quite well with the students and the teachers at RedRose but the preschool children are mostly fond of her as she spends so much time with them. At Østfold, they run an intricate preschool program and the university students get to carry out research studies as a graduate requirement.
For her research paper, Mwanaisha has been conducting a study on leadership with key focus on preschool teachers and has therefore been working very closely with the teachers at the Red Rose preschool classes  to find out how the lessons are planned ,organized and the everyday preschool routine.

She is finding Kibera to be very pleasant and Red Rose to be very homely so far .She is  immensely enjoying the little pleasures such as playing with the children during recess and sharing mealtimes with them !Her favorite dish is ugali and sukumawiki.
Mwanaisha has been a great deal of help in promotion of language and communication amongst the preschool children since she has great ideas and suggestions that she often shares with the teachers.

We are happy to have her around and the children adore her so much. We shall continue to make the most of her visit before she has to go back to Norway!

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