Thursday, February 28, 2013

Red Rose School Takes a One Week Break

General elections in Kenya are known to be such a busy period with many voters traveling to various parts of the country to express their democratic right and perform their civic duty by casting their votes. 

With only three days to the Kenya general elections, schools will be closed until the electoral processes are complete. This will pave way for a smooth process as most of the public primary and secondary schools are used as polling centers. The Red Rose School will also be taking a break for one week because of the elections due to be held on the 4th of March.

With the unfortunate events that took place in the previous general elections, the Red Rose teachers and students assembled today to reflect and express their thoughts and feelings on the forthcoming pivotal event in our nation's history as it will be our first election under the new constitution.

       “It was really sad what happened the last time, 
but I hope that this year’ elections will be smooth
 and that we shall come back to school on the 11th.” 
Said one of the students.

The students and teachers shared their hopes for a peaceful election and promised to preach and practice peace especially at this very crucial period.

Jeff sharing with the students

Red Rose, like most schools shall re-open on the 11th of March and resume the usual school program.

We hope to have  peaceful elections and also get a good rest during the break.

See you soon!

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