Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hosting schools at the community clubhouse

Children enjoying a drawing activity

Every day of the week is a great day at the clubhouse as we get to have children from various community schools in Kibera visit the clubhouse for amazing library sessions!
These particular schools have very limited resources and go through quite a struggle to acquire basic school materials. With such conditions, it is extremely difficult to accommodate any kind of extracurricular activities.
Thanks to the LitWorld team, the children from the community schools are now able to visit the clubhouse at least once a week and get engaged in a myriad of fun activities and games!
At the club house, the children get to read story books, learn great songs, draw and paint, play various games and even watch movies. Most of the girls love fairly tale books and the boys love books about animals, monsters and an absolute favorite- about action super heroes! They are not well acquainted with board games yet as some are too young but they totally flare up when jumping rope, playing ball and running.
It is a priceless and the most beautiful sight to see the children enjoying themselves in the clubhouse, having so much fun and making it count like it is their last.

“Most times, it is the children who teach us to slow down and enjoy life.”
-Gena Lee Nolin

Joseph having a read aloud session in the library

Maureen reading a story to the children
“Most times, it is the children who teach us to slow down and enjoy life.”
-Gena Lee Nolin

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